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the rivers traversing the Deccan Plateau, the Coastal and those in the inland drainage basin. (

Indian River Systems

The Indian River Systems can be divided into four categories – the Himalayan, the rivers traversing the Deccan Plateau, the Coastal and those in the inland drainage basin. The Himalayan Rivers are perennial as they are fed by melting glaciers every summer.

Five Major Rivers in India
Saraswati is celeberated both as river diety and as the Goddess of speech and learning. The meaning of the word Saraswati is ‘full of waters’ or ‘full of lakes’. The source of the river is considered to be in Plakasha Prasravana in the Himalayan Mountains and the place where the river disappears is called Vinasana.

Sindhu in Rig Veda is reffered as one one of the rivers of Sapta Sindhus. The river gots its name of Sindhu or Sindh through which it flows. It is the great river of the world.It originated from the Kailasa Mountain near the Mansarovar in Tibet.

Godavari, the largest and the longestriver of South India. It is popularly reffered as to as the Dakshina Ganga. The Godavari means the best of givers of water, or the best of the rivers giving cows. According to traditions, Godavari is divided itself into seven branches before it meets the sea and they are named after the seven rishis.

Narmada is the largest of the major west flowinf rivers born in the central highlands. It is described as the best among the rivers. It is said that the river was issued by the body of Rudra. Narmada originated from the Amarkantak hill and flows at a distance of 1300 km and ultimately meets the Bay of Cambay near Bharuch.

Yamuna River
The Yamuna, a tributary of the Ganga, is another important river. Rising from Yamunotri in the Himalayas, it merges with the Ganga in Allahabad. The Saraswati, a mythical river known to have existed a few thousand years ago, is believed to follow its invisible underground course to unite with the Ganga and the Yamuna at Sangam.

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